Download and Install HP Printer driver

Download and Install HP Printer driver using

Using 123.HP, it is simple and quick to Download and install HP Printer software and driver for your HP Printer. 123.HP is capable of automatically detecting your operating system of your device and serves you with updated drivers for computers or smart device. Alternatively, if using tablets and smartphones, 123.HP facilitates HP Smart App. 123.HP enables stepwise guide to connect your printer to wireless network and Print, Scan, Fax from any device.

Automatic Updates

Due to our busy routine, we normally forget to update our printer drivers and software’s. 123.HP enables you to automatically update software’s and drivers. You can just have a seat and enjoy a cup of coffee , while it is being done.

Convenient Installation

Using 123.HP Setup, it is a piece of cake to download printer software as it avoids difficult and complex steps. Downloading printer drivers using 123.HP Setup is super easy. Just match your system configuration and proceed further.

Setup Print, Scan, Fax on Any Device

123.HP provides all in app or software according to your printer keeping the version of windows in mind. Setup print, scan and fax using any device without much efforts.

Any Time, Any Device, Any Brand

123.HP is efficient enough to spontaneously detect the device being used while setting up the printer and accordingly serves the best Software or Application for your devices i.e., PC, Tablets and Smartphones.

123 HP Printer Setup Instructions

Unbox and set up new HP printer is easier than expected. The aids you in assembling the printer parts and making sure that everything works smoothly. You can also figure out how to download, install and set up the drivers and software on different devices efficiently.

Step 1: Unpack your Printer: Unbox your printer and remove all tapes & packaging materials from outside the printer, scanner glass and near the carriage and paper input tray.

Unpack your Printer
123 HP Printer Setup Instructions

Step 2: Connect Power: It is time to connect your 123 HP printer power cord to a direct power supply and turn it on.

Step 3: Set Preferences: Now, set the language, time and country/region on the printer control panel. (Skip this if printer is missing control panel)

setup new HP printer

Instructions to download, install and reinstall HP printer driver and software

Get the latest software and driver updates for HP printers and reinstall them if needed. Furthermore, you can easily connect the printer to a wireless network and print, scan, or fax from any Windows PC, macOS computer, tablet or smartphone.

First Time Printer Setup for Windows device

It is essential to acquire compatible drivers for your Windows laptop/desktop. We are providing complete sets of the necessary drivers, or you can opt for the basic ones from CD/DVD.

Method 1: To install it from the CD/DVD:
Step 1. insert the CD/DVD into drive and run the autorun.exe.
Step 2. Simply follow the printer instructions

Method 2: To install it from the direct link:
Step 1: From official website up download the complete full feature set.
Step 2: Begin the AUTORUN by running the downloaded file.
Step 3: Now follow the steps to install drivers and software to your computer.
Step 4: Once wizard prompts, plug in your HP printer to the windows device.
Step 5: Download the 123 HP drivers and software compatible with window device.
Step 6: Once finish, Try printing a test page.

To install it from the direct link
Downloading 123 HP printer driver for Mac

First Time Printer Setup for MAC device

HP setup drivers can be effortlessly installed on your MAC devices, making the process incredibly effortless.

Method 1: To install HP Printer Software from the CD/DVD:
Step 1: Install the basic set of drivers for your Mac from the default CD/DVD.
Step 2: Install the full feature drivers and software and find the WPS pin for HP Printer from the website.

Method 2: Downloading 123 HP printer driver for Mac
Step 1: Download the complete set of 123HP drivers and software from the website link.
Step 2: Run the downloaded AUTORUN file.
Step 3: follow instructions to finish with HP printer installation process.
Step 4: From, try printing a test page.

Installing HP drivers and Software

When it comes to HP printers, it is highly recommended to install the most recent set of drivers and software. This will ensure maximum performance, as well as eliminating any errors that could occur while updating.

  1. We provide a complete set of drivers and software for your HP printers.
  2. To ensure effective performance, download the complete set of drivers.
  3. Now download the AUTORUN file and run the setup wizard.
  4. Follow instructions on the screen to end with installation process.
  5. Also, unplug and re-plug the USB cable if the wizard prompts.
Enabling Add-on on HP Printer

With the network up and running, enhance your setup with for access to add-on features.

  1. To start with an establish connection, to your printer either wired or wireless.
  2. Begin with enabling the add-on-features through Web Services.
  3. Normally, add on printer features include the mobility features and the e-printing feature.
  4. Once your printer is connected to a network, enable mobility and printing features.
  5. Various printer model have different add-on features.

HP Wireless Printer Setup

To get the most up-to-date driver and software for your HP printer, visit website first. Make sure to double check that it is compatible with your OS and printer model in order to avoid any potential issues. Downloading the latest version is highly recommended for a better user experience as well.

Method :1

  1. Press the wireless icon/option on your printer and run the wireless setup wizard.
  2. In case touch screen is not available on your printer model, simply press the Wifi button on the printer panel.

Method : 2

  1. When you see AUTORUN pops up on your screen, and the light start blinking.
  2. HP printers with a touch panel, visit Connection under Settings. Choose Wireless Connection option.
  3. HP wireless setup wizard will start to run. Simply follow onscreen instructions.

Method : 3

  1. When you see a list of wireless network on your screen. Choose your Wifi network and enter the password.
  2. If you do not see network name on the screen, scroll down, select the field. Enter your network name manually.
  3. Ensure HP printer and computer both are connected to same internet network. Press Done to save your settings.
  4. A stable wireless connection will established after following above steps.
  5. Enable wireless printing features such as Mopia, Airprint, ePrint, CloudPrint and Wifi Direct according to your printer model.
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